An Important Announcement!

by chasereeves on September 20, 2010 · 0 comments

OMG!!! You should go to the new home for this site ==>

Im totally aware of how long it’s been since i’ve written anything here. I assure you it’s not been because I’m lazy. Quite the opposite…

The more I wrote here at WriteToMean, the more I saw what was happening: my posts on dadly things were becoming more and more important for myself… and for others. The content was important for me to write, and the comments and conversation started getting better and better.

But I felt like WriteToMean wasn’t the best place for this kind of content, like there was something more I could do with it. A picture was forming in my head, a thought.

So I started thinking. And it was good. And then I started working, and it took longer than I expected, but, i’m finally ready to announce something I’m totally proud of!

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Father Apprentice is an online community of new and used dads who want to be great. It’s a place where myself and others will (and already do) write about all the fatherhood stuff in hopes that we all become better dads, more involved, more understanding, more vital and healthy in our relationships with our kids and life in general.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it, subscribe, pass along to your friends and become a part of the community through your comments, emails, stories etc.

So, What Of

I will not be blogging any more at WriteToMean… but, alas! I will be blogging at, of course,, as well as – a place for the rest of me. So, effectively, I’ve split WriteToMean into dadly-things and non-dadly things. The dadly stuff is at FatherApprentice, the non-dadly is at BeChase. Get it?

So, THANKS all… WriteToMean has been the factor in getting me to start up… If it weren’t for the comments and general luv around here, I wouldn’t have had the confidence I needed to dream about and work towards FatherApprentice. I hope you

Yours Truly,
Chase Wardman Reeves

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