This Could Be It… *moan* Aiden?

by chasereeves on July 7, 2009 · 7 comments

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Ok, so I was waiting for a meeting at the coffee shop when my wifee called me: “we’re going to the hospital.” Oh, ok.

Yesterday she had some really bad back pains, but they subsided and she was able to get some sleep. But this morning she awoke early to the same pains. Seriously painful pains. In her back on the lower right side. Lots of moaning and rocking. I was trying to sleep.

After hanging out with the moaning and rocking for a few hours, she talked to the doctor who said she should come in to the hospital. Could be back labor, which means the baby is facing towards the front of her body, not towards the back. This kind of labor is usually accompanied by some real shitty back pains. Painful pains. The moany and rocky kind. Doc said that the contractions and pain could feel like the same continual sensation, so she could have been in labor this whole time and not known it.

So, here we are. Mellisa is hooked up to the baby listening device, so I can hear my son’s heart in there just motoring away. He’s doing a great job. So is she. We’ll see how this goes. After the occasional Turrets-like outburst, Mellisa will talk to our son: “come on baby Aiden. Mommy wants you to come out now…” And I inevitably respond: “yea come play some ball with your dad and get real good at stuff.”

I’ll be updading here as more info comes down the pipes. You’ll also want to check out my Twitter for up to the minute info:


10:30am: Pelvic exam reveals that she’s only about 1-1.5 cm dilated… which is a bummer.  Normally hospital doesn’t let you in till 3cm dilated.  But due to the pain, (moaniness) they know something’s up…

11pm: I snuck off to get my laptop, coffee and a cold bagel.  Getting better at this dad stuff.  That’s so dad-like.

12pm: we did a urine test and are waiting for the results.  Also went downstairs to the ultrasound place to have a look at Mellisa’s kidneys; looked fine to me.  Docs are wondering if there’s something up with a urinary infection.  I told them it looked fine.  Too much info?  Getting Mellisa down to the ultrasound depot was adventurous… still moany.  I try not to make eye contact with others.

12:20pm: Just heard back from the doc… looks like some urinary infection.  They want us on antibiotics, which is a bummer because we wanted to go sans any antibiotics.  Potentially the pain could be because of infection, not baby’s situation inside.  Getting ready to do an IV of some fluids and antibiotics…

1pm: Talked with Mellisa’s mom (Julie, but more often affectionately referred to as ‘moomer’) regarding whether or not she should purchase a plane ticket to come down… We’re going to wait to hear from the Doc a little bit more.

Looks like we’re going with the antibiotics… Mellisa found a good position (head against wall, leaning on the couch), but now it’s time to move into arm-piercing position.

Turns out Mellisa has a kidney stone in her right kidney… uh, that sounds serious.  It’s related to the infection somehow.  Best case scenario: we take care of the infection and the baby comes out all natural.  That will take at least 24 hrs to clear up the infection.

I feel fine.  Could use an @zerothemoon music mix right about now… Also, a back rub.

2:40pm: Mellisa’s feeling ok. Back pain has gone down.  Contractions are irregular.  We’re wanting those contractions to come closer together and build in intensity.  Wanting this baby to come!  Get your ass on the field Aiden!

3pm: this blog goes down. Daddy get’s pissed.  My hosting company fails big time.

4pm: It looks like the contractions aren’t picking up.  Back pain has gone way down though, and the infection looks to be on it’s way out.  That’s my feel anyways. I told the doctor. Mellisa moaned.

6pm: The doc comes in and we talk for a bit. Looks like we’ll be staying here overnight.  We’ll be accepting donations from our friends and family to pay for it. We’ll probably be let out tomorrow afternoon, where we’ll labor at home and let this thing build back up for the next couple days.

6:11pm: my mom get’s bummed that the baby’s birthday is probably not going to be 7/8/9. So does Paul, cuz that’s his birthday.

6:25pm: Mellisa takes a nap. Daddy watches “Hog Wild” on FX. They really taught those bikers a lesson!

7:24pm: Mellisa’s still asleep.  I’ve been cussing at my blog and hosting companies; powerlessness will do that to you.  I realize I wasn’t built to fight DNS (be happy you don’t know what that means).  uhps… mommy is rustling… moaning and kicking her food tray.  She’s a bulgy bear.


9am: wow, we slept good in the hospital! Just woke up.  No baby Aiden yet.  Labor stuff has mellowed out though contractions are still there.  They’ll be letting us out of the hospital once Mellisa gets her last dose of antibiotics.  Infection is significantly better as is her kidney stone pain.  (we’ve been filtering her urine to see if the stone is passed yet… not yet).  Looks like she’s still 1 cm dilated… looks like we’ll be at home the next 1-5 days to wait for labor to start.

So the whole ordeal was her kidney stone and urinary infection… it’s nice to have that stuff taken care of before the baby actually comes.  Mellisa actually feels like having this baby will be a cake compared to the kidney stone pains (nurse confirmed that most women say bad kidney stone pains are more painful than labor!).

This will give me some more time to get my new awesome camera (Panasonic GH-1) to take really awesome pics of the real labor!!!

Want to hear my son’s pre-natal heartbeat?

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Dad July 7, 2009 at 1:19 pm

Mom and Dad on pins and needles with lots of Love to Mellisa and our son who will turn Dad soon! Love you guys.


Facebook User July 7, 2009 at 1:25 pm

that sucks bro. tina had stones too, but not during pregnancy. we will keep praying for Mellisa and Aiden!


jung July 7, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Waiting… 🙂


lindsey hart July 7, 2009 at 10:36 pm

Love you guys and praying tons!!!! Praying that baby aiden will come quick and smooth for Mellisa!


Erin Agenjo July 7, 2009 at 11:53 pm

:this is meant to be read aloud facing the belly…preferably yelled::



gaffer & moomer July 8, 2009 at 7:21 am

it is wonderful to see how well you are both doing this together. We love you


julie ebenal July 8, 2009 at 9:50 am

praying for you three, luv you lots, will also lift up Melissa in HealingRooms this thursdsay nite, complete healing from urinary infection, kidney stones….strenghtened & rested for the big day coming up!!!


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