Six Books I Declare You Should Read

by chasereeves on January 26, 2010 · 6 comments

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some books chase reeves just got done reading on fatherhood and other subjects

I want to write more betterer, so I read some books on it. And the writing books, they told be to be a better readerer. So I’ve taken up a new interest in the readings. Here are a few that I’ve recently enjoyed.

Stephen King – On Writing

This was the book that told me to read more. I’ve read a lot of books on writing now, and this one is my favorite.

Stephen King’s style is unpretentious and humble as he explains his processes, muses, trials and successes in writing. He also exposes a bit of his personal life, which gives the reader a bit of a story to follow as we learn more about the writer’s craft.

No book on writing is going to give you a magic solution, but if you want to learn a bit more about writing, you could do A LOT worse than this book. Give Stephen King’s On Writing a try →

Stephen King – The Stand

After reading the previous book, I knew I wanted to try out one of Stephen King’s novels.

I did a little research and found that many of his avid supporters believe The Stand is his best work.

OMG. It was awesome! It’s not a scary thriller like many of his other books, with suspense and monsters and creatures and stuff; though there is certainly some suspense and thrills. It’s simply an excellent story.

It won’t let you down. Give Stephen King’s The Stand a try →

Donald Miller – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Don is a friend of mine, but that doesn’t color the way I feel about this book. It’s such a simple, life-altering idea: that we can craft our lives around what makes a good story. The effect on me was immediate.

Don’s style is easy and subtle, luring you into epiphanies.

The book reads like an easy road trip and goes down like americana truisms. If you haven’t already read this book, give Donald Miller’s A Million Miles  in a Thousand Years a try →

Bill Cosby – Fatherhood (Book) & Himself (DVD)

Ok, both of these are required reading/watching for dads. Everything I know about being a disgruntled and loving dad, I learned from the guy in the sweater.

“But dad, I’m Jesus Christ!?”

In this book and DVD you’ll learn so much amazing and awesome that your heart will simply burst with delight.

“Because, we’re dumb, but we’re not so dumb.”

Get Bill Cosby’s Fatherhood book right now if you don’t already have it. And the same goes for the hilarious Bill Cosby Himself stand up comedy DVD.

Anne Lamott – Operating Instructions

Speaking of amazing parenting books, here’s another must-have. Anne Lamott is insightful, touching, and hilarious as she chronicles her first year of parenthood.

“I woke up with a start at 4:00 one morning and realized that I was very, very pregnant…”

I’m still only about half way through this one; I’m practicing refrain so as to not find myself prematurely without parenting medicine…

If you’re a parent, do yourself a favor and read Operating Instructions →

Neil Gaiman – Neverwhere

This was an absolutely lovely read. Read my lips: I LOVED THIS BOOK.

Neil Gaiman is hilariously sarcastic and dark, and this story is charming, funny, adventurous, funny, awesome, and hilarious… and funny.

If you haven’t read any Neil Gaiman, I also suggest Good Omens… an utterly stellar story about how everything just goes wrong during the apocalypse.

Do yourself a favor if you haven’t already and give Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere a try. Or listen to it on audiobook →

So There You Have It…

So there are a few of the best books I’ve recently finished. Coming up is Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up Stephen Lawhead’s King Raven Trilogy and Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner.

Have any other books you’ve recently read that you loved? Please comment and let me/us know what you’re reading!!

PS. the links in this post, they all go to And if you purchase anything from one of these links at, daddy get’s a couple quarters donated to his coffee fund… just saying.

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Stretch Mark Mama (@stretchmarkmama) January 26, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Anne Lamott had such a great description of the “baby food” phase where you stick the food in, it gets spit out, and then you scrape scrape scrape and stick it right back in. I thought of you guys and wished I would have wrote that sentence down. It was highly quotable and worthy of being added to your daily vocabulary.

I’ve also become a better writer (“writer”) by reading aloud to my kids. It’s easy to tell the difference between good and bad lit simply by speaking it aloud. No doubt you’ve already read some trashy board books you’ve wanted to fling across the room. But Sandra Boynton was a well-loved favorite for mom (dad) and kids alike.


annie January 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan
God is Dead by Ron Currie

Loved is not the right word. But, they are still rolling around in my brain, which is better and a greater success, I think. However, you will either love or hate them – they are not for everyone.


Tim Blackett January 27, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones… no cutesy review. Just an Awesome book. It’s not very often a book will make me cry. Mr. Pip made me do so in front of my uber-manly father-in-law.


Michelle January 30, 2010 at 3:53 pm

I read Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life years ago at Westmont and have re-read it multiple times since. It’s a must for anyone who wants to write well or just laugh a lot.


Lalex February 3, 2010 at 2:10 pm

chipster, thank you for your book suggestions. I am finding myself avariciously hungry for the written word lately and i am planning on taking you up on them asap. btw, the kite runner changed my life and i cherish it like an old friend. however, it will make you cry like a baby (in pain AND joy) and if it doesn’t, you need to take a spiritual retreat and figure out how to feel again. love ya!!
ps- hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns” is also a must read.


Jess March 17, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Tracked you here from a comment on Don Miller’s blog that made me lol. I failed twice to get through The Stand but most of those other books I’ve read and loved. I second Bird by Bird. I liked it even better than Operating Instructions. Lamott’s novels are good too. I was enjoying A Million Miles but some fool (probably one of those Christian yahoos) requested it at the library so I had to give it back before I finished it. 🙂


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