San Francisco, Baby Gear, & Swine Flu

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I crashed Mellisa’s baby shower in San Francisco to party with my buddy @Aaron_Eddy at a Josh Ritter show.  That’s the short story.  Here are the facts:

pee-pee_tee-peeBest Baby Shower Gift:

Pee-Pee Tee Pee’s with golf pattern.  You put these on the baby’s willy while you change him to reduce the piss-on-Chase’s-face factor.  My friend Alana came up with an equally killer name: Weenie Beanies.

Aaron & Chase Do San Francisco:


I’m enamored with Josh Ritter (  I think he’s one of the best American singer songwriters today.  And I was so excited to see him live at the Wharfield.

The only bummer was that Josh wouldn’t be featuring his band because he was opening for John Prine (who i’m sure is also great… though I didn’t stick around for him).

We walked in to Josh playing my favorite song,  “Girl in the War,” and from there it was just kinda alright.  He ended up playing a lot of either new or old songs that I’d never heard before.

I still can’t believe he’s not coming through the northwest on this tour.

Swine Flu

Then both Mellisa and I got sick.  I’ll spare you the details, but I must share this: at least more than once someone in my house definitely sneezed and shit himself.  The swine flu, or just the regular flu (which end up looking a whole lot like each other in the end) were conquered seven days later. #win

But the big loss was the fact that Aaron came up to Portland for his yearly first home game of the Timbers visit while I was mid-sneeze.

Twitter: #SneezeShit

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